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Ready to grow your product-based business but have a million questions about your next move?

Let's be real:
Scaling a product business is complex.  

Navigating slippery suppliers, industry secrets locked up tight, grappling with constant pricing changes, trying to make a positive impact on the planet, and all the while trying to boost your bottom line.


Truth Bomb: 

'Winging it' will only get you so far. 


You’ve built a killer brand and you’re watching the sales roll in. It’s good, but you know that it could be SO much better. Your mind is buzzing with ideas for new products, selling in more stores, and even pitching into major channels...

But there’s also those niggles. The stockroom is full, a proper stocktake is well overdue, and your only strategy to move through your excess product right now is to go on sale. Forecasting is hazy, and the looming question is, where will the funds come from to fuel your growth? 

Here's the missing piece of the puzzle...

You don't have a big-picture view of your business - that helicopter perspective to see what's really working right now, and what needs to change to take you to the next level of growth.

You're not confident that you've set up the¬†systems for big-scale success. And let's be real‚ÄĒyou're not quite sure where to start. But here's the kicker: those little annoyances can snowball into big problems, and fixing them later down the road? It's¬†going to cost you a pretty penny. Let's avoid that, shall we?

You need a solid plan to set yourself up for scale, and that's exactly what we're here to do.

Buckle up and get ready to scale your product business to make more money, more impact, and see a better bottom line. 


We're spilling the industry's best-kept secrets, unlocking the strategies that will supercharge your growth.

This 8-week program will give you the framework to scale your product business.

Unlock the insider secrets on competitor analysis, strategic positioning, supply chain mastery, pricing precision, product development wizardry, and a whole lot more.

This is more than just a program, it's your golden ticket to growth. 

Brands we've helped grow:

Who is this program for: 

This program is designed for product businesses that are ready to grow. 

Whether you want to grow your existing online store or expand into major channels, we're here to walk you through the tricky stuff that is essential to scale. We'll carefully outline each step so that you have a clear path ahead to your ultimate product destination. 


This program is right for you if:

You're a product-based business ready to grow

You're here because you're already feeling the squeeze on how to grow. From stepping up your supply chain game to broadening your channels and getting a solid game plan for your pricing. You might just be selling online, or even have a handful of stores stocking your products. We're here to help put the puzzle together - paving the path for your growth.

You're ready to approach or expand into major retail

You were born to play big, and you know that this business can take you there. You've tested the waters, developed a great range, and now is the time to take the leap into major retail stores. You know that you need to get your pitch, pricing, and demand planning on point, and we're going to show you exactly how to get there.  

You've recently launched and you've got big ambition

You're smart and you're well aware that launching a successful product-based business involves pulling together a bunch of moving parts. Lucky for you, you're in
 exactly the right place to get the big-picture plan and save yourself a truckload of time and money figuring it out solo. Welcome to the product par-tay.

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Serious street cred ...

Tess Robinson
Founder of Smack Bang


"Pru helped me take Smack Bang and my own sense of self to the next level. Over the years, she has become an extension of business, pushing and stretching me to greater things, things beyond my wildest dreams. She has helped me fast-track my own independence, leadership and entrepreneurialism fastest that I ever thought possible."

Aimee Marks
Founder of TOM Organic


"Brooke was a partner for me as we went through our growth journey. Her ability to drive team connection and influence culture and performance, as well as see the vision and build tactical plans to execute was amazing.  We embarked on a successful sale together, where we delivered and outcome for the brand and for me personally."

Sarah Thornton
Founder of Finders Keepers


"Working with Pru and being a part of the Owners Collective has been an absolute game changer! We feel like Pru is our secret weapon and has helped us identify areas for growth, build strategy, deal with weaknesses and align with our purpose. All while empowering us to drive our business growth and be the best versions of ourselves."